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JHEP Advisory Board

The advisory board is composed of distinguished scientists who periodically review the journal and advise on its scientific policy.

John Cardy(Oxford University, UK)
Stanley Deser(Brandeis University, Waltham, USA)
Michael R. Douglas(Rutgers University, USA)
Raffaele Raoul Gatto(CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
David Gross(ITP, Santa Barbara, USA)
Renata Kallosh(Stanford University, USA)
Juan M. Maldacena(Princeton, IAS, USA)
Giorgio Parisi(University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy)
Lisa Randall(MIT, Boston, USA)
Gerard 't Hooft(ITP, Utrecht, the Nederlands)
Steven Weinberg(Department of Physics, University of Texas, Austin, USA)
Edward Witten(IAS, Princeton, USA)
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